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The 80twenty Gallery, located within ARTU4iA at 725 Ward Street in Martinez, is pleased to announce a one-man show of works by world renowned pop surrealist and Martinez resident, KRK Ryden. The Glob that Ate Martinez! 
80twenty Gallery
725 Ward Street, Suite C, Martinez, CA 94553
November 16, 2013 | 7PM | Free Admission

The show, entitled “The Glob that Ate Martinez”, opens November 16 with an artists’ reception at 7 p.m. and a feast for the senses: KRK’s colorfully intense art, a rare appearance of his band, Ken the Magic Corner God, and a sumptuous buffet that is just as eccentric as the artist.

“The glob image has been a virus that has infected my art since the late sixties, a surreal device just like Dali’s beans and crutches. But it is much deeper than that, much deeper!” says KRK, who has had solo and group shows all over the world.

His surrealistic art style, described as "colorful and visually appealing reflections on discarded icons", is often lumped in with the “low brow” movement.  “I began my art career as soon as mama dropped crayons in my crib. Being pigeon holed as a pop-surrealist…is not far from the truth. Actually, I see myself as a Devonian Artist,” says KRK, “ informed by postcard art and my comrade in art and pal for over thirty years, Mark Mothersbaugh”, the visual artist and front man for the seminal 70’s New Wave band Devo.

According to KRK, seeing Dali for the first time irrevocably changed his life and affected his art permanently. “There was no turning back to the imagery of landscapes, still-lifes and puppies”, says the artist.

The opening will feature a rare performance of KRK’s band “Ken the Magic Corner God” with KRK on the theremin, an early electronic musical instrument known for the eerie sounds heard in 50’s sci-fi movies and featured in recordings by the Beach Boys and Led Zeppelin.

For more information on KRK, visit his website: or contact John Kleber at ArtU4ia: 925-323-6533.

 KRK Ryden